A Partner you can Count on.

The FilamentFactory is a new name that builds on a distinguished heritage, working under various international holdings like Hoechst, KoSa and Invista. It operated under respective names like Performance Fibers and until recent: Durafiber Technologies.

After a Management Buy Out in October 2017, The FilamentFactory works as a stand-alone filament producer for the first time. The company now has the power and flexibility to adapt to the swiftly changing market conditions.

The FilamentFactory has a long experience of serving some of the most demanding markets such as automotive and aviation. As one of Europe’s most respected sites, Bad Hersfeld will continue its legacy of commitment, reliability,
growth and innovation in these core markets.

The FilamentFactory produces over 700 different products differing in varying strength, filament counts or color.

The main market segments are:

the Factory

For over 50 years, the Bad Hersfeld production site has been a solid base for high quality production. Ranging over 100.000 square meter, the well-equipped plant offers enough space for growth and improvement.

With 4 production lines comprising all spinning technologies, The FilamentFactory can manufacture a variety of filament yarn types and coatings simultaneously.


Due to continuous innovation and automation the workforce is lean and efficient. The total output volume, in meters of filaments produced, has been growing for decades.

With a 24/7 operating production site, work at The FilamentFactory never stops and producing 860.000.000 km high quality filament yarns per year. The length would be enough to wrap the earth approximately 21.700 times.