Stability to new heights

Did you know?

Due to its outstanding chemical and heat resistance, PPS is the material of choice for the aviation and automotive industry!

Polyphenylene Sulfide or PPS filament yarns are high performance yarns with exceptional chemical and heat resistance. PPS is an organic semicrystalline polymer with high stable chemical bonds. Its outstanding chemical and temperature resistance distinguishes it from all other high performance materials, as very few polymers can match its ability to withstand hot, humid, and corrosive conditions.  


Application Areas:

  • Aerospace thermoplastic composites
  • Automotive mechanical rubber goods
  • Braided and woven sleeving
  • Dryer belts
  • Filtration fabrics
  • High temperature labels
  • Military items
  • Narrow wovens
  • Oil and gas pipe lining
  • Sewing threads


PPS Key Features:

  • No known solvent capable of dissolving PPS below 200 degrees Celsius
  • High resistance to hydrolosis
  • Inherent flame retardant without additives