Engineered Filaments

knowing what counts

Polyester is widely appreciated as a well-balanced cost-performance fibre. Polyester filaments are used in the widest array of applications, from production belts to fashion.

This image of Polyester as a commodity is changing however, due to the emergence of new performance Polyester such as micro fibres. In recent years, The FilamentFactory developed specific Polyester filament yarns for the most demanding applications.  You can enjoy the benefits of this lead position by applying innovative polyester fibres and yarns.

We developed different additives and finishes for our Polyester yarns through careful polymer modification. Decades of experience and development has led to an extensive, application based portfolio of over 700 products.

Being embedded in the fibre polymer these customizations deliver environmentally friendly solutions that match our customer requirements.
In addition to polymer modification, we are able to offer different cross-sections like trilobal and hollow yarns.

Polyester yarns with polymer additives
- Different master batch colours
- Inherent flame retardant
- IR Reflected
- UV stabilized

Special finishes
- Lowik
- FDA approved
- Adhesive activation for rubber and PU coating

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