The premier league in sports textiles

Did you know?

Our PBT sewing threads are considered the “Premier League” in high performance sportswear. For field sports, running, water- and extreme sports.

PBT (Polybutylene Terepthalate) multifilament yarns are designed for applications that require excellent stretch and recovery properties. As a member of the polyester family, this thermoplastic delivers low moisture absorption and reliable colour fastness. It also boasts excellent dimensional stability and superb moulding characteristics. So whether you’re designing cycling apparel or composites, our PBT products offer the flexibility you need.

PBT Key Features:

  • Outstanding stretch and recovery features
  • Resistance to humidity and perspiration
  • Excellent chlorine resistance


Application Areas:

  • Composites
  • Furniture seat backs
  • Cycling and sport apparel
  • Sewing thread