Narrow Fabrics and Belts

Solid choices for safety

Our narrow fabrics are anything but narrow when it comes to describing the broad range of uses for this high strength, durable products. You will find our narrow fabric fibres all around you. Their consistency, reliability and design flexibility makes them the right selection for a variety of secure applications.

Our Automotive safety belt solutions have helped to protect driver and passengers from harm for decades. Contact your TFF sales representative to explore how we may deliver the next level of performance, functionality and value.

Superior Performance

  • Excellent Dyeability provides a broad spectrum of dyeing techniques; delivers predictable color consistency to meet multiple style specifications on different automobile models
  • Good tensile strength, lower creep provides for web designs with minimal cross-section profiles
  • Variety of modulus and break elongations available to suit almost any end-product requirement
  • Abrasion resistance to increase durability and in-service life expectancy
  • Fibre property consistency, uniformity, and high mechanical quality mean less variation in
    manufacturing, greater productivity and overall break-strength reliability
  • Rigid specifications to meet the stringent needs of the automotive industry


  • Automotive Safety
  • Harnesses
  • Cargo tie-down wraps
  • Slings and Tow straps
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
  • Luggage
  • Animal restraints
  • Pull tapes for conduit threading