Engineered Rubberized Goods

Black, Strong and Beautiful

The FilamentFactory offers a wide range of reinforced yarns for rubberized applications. Founded in the advances in products for tires and industrial applications, Our high standards deliver what it takes to keep rubberized goods “on track”: process consistency to our customers ; reliability to end users.

Based on your requirements our durable technical textiles can deliver additional benefits or step change performance over the base. Please contact your "The FilamentFactory" sales representative to help define the perfect solution. Even for your most demanding applications.


  • Automotive power transmission and synchronous belts
  • Industrial and commercial conveyor belts
  • V-belts
  • Heavy and light-duty water hoses
  • Industrial tubing
  • High-stress automotive hoses
  • Air springs


Superior Performance

  • Fibre property uniformity means less variation in manufacturing for our
    customers: less rework and waste – greater productivity and yields.
  • Thermal, chemical, and dimensional stability mean greater reliability.
    Optimal performance under stressful conditions, across a wide variety
    of fluid transport applications
  • High Modulus Low Shrink (HMLS) brings dimensional stability and durability
    in extreme thermal conditions
  • Adhesive Active Finish enhances the rubber adhesion properties of our yarns